Principles & Values

Fundamental Values

At Pacifico, we have four core values:

  1. Passion to make a difference in the world;
  2. Dedication to exemplary science and innovation;
  3. Integrity in all that we say and do, and
  4. Respect for all.

Everyone with whom we do business – including customers, investors, shareholders, suppliers, colleagues and all with whom we share our common planet – can count on our team to deliver on our core values.

Guiding Principles

At Pacifico, we are guided by the following principles:

  1. Keep our own children in mind as we forge our journey by increasing the supply of clean and renewable energy, while respecting local communities and the environment;
  2. Listen, learn and educate;
  3. Community outreach and support are important to us;
  4. In public meetings we will stay until the last person leaves and we have responded to everyone’s questions;
  5. Recruit brilliant people who share our values and provide them with a balanced and professional workplace which fosters personal and team growth, happiness and success;
  6. Cherish long-term relationships and friendships; Value the synergy between individualism and teamwork; Recognize that mistakes happen and serve as an opportunity for growth and understanding, and
  7. Create value for our shareholders.